B Healthy Health and Life Coaching

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Help with implementing lasting change

If you have decided to make significant improvements to both your life and your health, are looking for substantial motivational facilitation from a skilled health and life coach, and wish to benefit from powerful bespoke 1 to 1 coaching, this is the perfect solution for you

Coaching offers individuals a simple yet effective structure within which you can move forward in significant areas of your life such as your career, achieving work/life balance, personal growth and health. 

Through coaching, we can help you to identify your goals, recognise your strengths and capabilities, navigate potential obstacles and develop an action plan that will enable you to move forward.  For anyone wishing to make a significant difference to their health, there may be a need to make a long-term commitment to healthy diet and lifestyle changes and coaching can facilitate and encourage these changes.

One of our specialist technique is NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), which can provide the means to identify and break down mental barriers and unhelpful patterns of behaviour.

This consultation is particularly helpful if:

  • You recognise that you need sustained expert help to conduct a thorough and objective review of your life and health issues

  • You are prepared to commit to implementing the positive life and health changes that you may need to make to improve your life and health

  • You want to gain a bespoke action plan

  • You would benefit from some skilled coaching and motivation to help you to make the necessary changes

This consultation delivers:

  • Identification of personal goals

  • Recognition of personal strengths and capabilities

  • Navigation of obstacles to change including limiting beliefs and unhelpful patterns of behaviour

  • Action plan

  • Follow-on consultations provide on-going support and accountability to help you stay on track as well as the opportunity to make further changes to your action plan, if required  

We provide the education that will empower you to take control of your own health and your own life.

How much do these consultations cost?

a) B Healthy Health and Life Coaching Initial consultations cost just £80 for 80 minutes

b) B Healthy Health and Life Coaching Follow-On sessions cost just £60 for 50 minutes

The knowledge, motivation and skills that you will gain will inspire you to make sustainable lifestyle and life changes, for yourself.