B Healthy Diet and Lifestyle “MOT”

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Health Assessment

If you prefer the privacy and convenience of a concise goal-oriented diet and lifestyle review by SKYPE or telephone then this is the perfect approach for you

This review is particularly helpful if:

  • You are too busy to fit in time for a face to face appointment or weekly classes

  • You are looking for straightforward dietary advice and a simple action plan

  • You need some motivation to make changes to support your overall health, fitness and general wellbeing

  • You are confused by all the conflicting advice on what constitutes a healthy diet

  • You would you like to get advice and support from a registered nutritional therapist

This review delivers:

Upon booking you will receive access to a 3-day food diary and health questionnaire which will need completing ahead of your consultation.  This will give your nutritional therapist an opportunity to look over your case ahead of time, which can be particularly helpful if you have any existing health conditions, or take any prescription medications or nutritional supplements.

During your 30-minute Skype or telephone consultation with one of our nutritional therapists, you will receive: 

·     Personalised dietary advice.

·     Personalised advice on any lifestyle factors which may be impacting on your health such as lack of sleep, inactivity and stress.

A written summary of the session along with any relevant handouts will be emailed out to you after the consultation.

We focus on helping you reduce your risk of chronic health conditions, advocating self-help as well as external intervention

How much does this review cost?

The B Healthy Diet and Lifestyle MOT review costs just £59.  This includes:

· 30 minute SKYPE or telephone consultation

· Emailed written report and handouts

We provide the education that will empower you to take control of your own health. The knowledge, motivation and skills that you will gain will inspire you to make sustainable lifestyle changes, for yourself.

We believe that with education and motivation you can overcome many lifestyle related illnesses.