Terms + Conditions



Bagnall Wellness is not a medical organisation. Our staff, this website and our programmes do not diagnose or treat health problems, they provide information to assist our clients in making sustainable lifestyle change.  It is the responsibility of all of our clients to decide whether to seek professional medical advice prior to/while/after adopting any of our recommendations, and we strongly recommend this action for pregnant or breast-feeding clients, or those suffering from any type of health condition.

Children and teenagers under 18

 We accept children under the age of eighteen on our courses if they are accompanied by a parent, family member or guardian who is responsible for their welfare.  


Whilst we endeavour to ensure accuracy, we are unable to guarantee that the information on our website and in our courses is current, correct, complete or accurate.  Subject to the prevailing laws in course locations and/or internet access we have no liability for our clients’ use of that information.