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We currently offer a choice of 6 two-hour workshops which focus on a range of key areas of health. Each workshop will provide you with a better understanding of how diet and lifestyle factors can impact on your own and your family's health, as well as providing practical advice in the form of activity sheets and handouts, tasty recipes to help you put this knowledge into practice and advice on how to implement these changes into your everyday life.
We currently offer workshops on the following topics:

The Blood Sugar Workshop

How to lose weight and keep it off, and reduce your risk of diabetes.
How to balance blood sugar in order to support energy levels throughout the day, improve body composition and either manage or reduce your risks of insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes through diet and lifestyle.

The Cardiovascular Health Workshop

How to reduce your risk of heart attack, atherosclerosis or stroke.
How to reduce your cardiovascular disease risk through diet and lifestyle, focusing specifically on the role of inflammation and cholesterol in cardiovascular health as well as the vital role of exercise.

The Digestive Health Workshop

How to combat IBS, food intolerance, bloating and discomfort.
How to support better digestion through diet and lifestyle, with a particular focus on the role of  fibre and pre and probiotic foods and how eating more mindfully may be beneficial for gut health.

The Anxiety, Stress and Low Mood Workshop

How you can actively improve your mental health.
To understand how diet and lifestyle factors may be linked to low mood, anxiety and stress. The role of diet and lifestyle in energy, focusing specifically on the role of micronutrients and how to support better sleep.

The Energy Workshop

How to regain motivation, physical vitality and resilience.
To learn what factors influence your energy levels, what you can do to best support your body and be able to do and achieve more in your everyday life.

The Healthy Ageing Workshop

How to regain motivation, physical vitality and resilience.
How to support healthy ageing through diet and lifestyle, with particular focus on osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and brain health, and the protective role of antioxidants.

Individual workshop places cost £45, although we offer a 10% discount to anyone booking more than one.

Each workshop includes;

A highly educational talk focusing on supporting a specific area of health

Practical exercises to encourage personalised application of principles in participants’ own lives

Handouts - overview of the workshop content in easy to understand infographics

Guided action plan to implement long term change

Recipes specially designed to support health conditions and encourage easy and delicious nutrition

A reading from cutting-edge technology BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) Tanita digital scales, analysing body composition, including body fat, muscle mass, bone density and metabolic age

To book call Bagnall Wellness on 01494 791288 or fill in this form.